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How to get Hungary work permit?

Although the economies of most countries in the world are in trouble, there are many jobs emerging in Hungary. It is easy for a person from the CIS to adapt to living in this country due to the similar culture, way of life and partnerships of states.

For official employment, you will need a work visa to Hungary. It is necessary to collect documents in advance and submit an application on time. Visas are issued to Ukrainians on a regular basis in 2021: the country is one of the three most loyal in this regard, more info: tsve.pl/services/hungary-work-permit/.

Basis for obtaining a work visa

Even before the paperwork, it is important for a Ukrainian citizen to fulfill some conditions for coming to the country in order to obtain a work permit in 2021:

  1. Receive a printed invitation to a workplace from a Hungarian employer or a company that provides an opportunity to earn money.
  2. Do business in Hungary.

You can find out about the sponsorship letter for a visa to Hungary by following this link.

To get a high-paying job, you need to follow the vacancies at the labor exchange of the country. Once you see a digestible working environment, there are several steps you can take.

You can find information about work and vacancies in Hungary by following this link.

First of all, you should contact your employer or company representative. In the case of an agreement on work, you need to wait for the confirmation of the agreement and conclude an employment contract. The executed papers are usually sent to an e-mail box.

Having received the necessary documents, you need to go to the official representation of Hungary. There, you may need to conclude a work permit. The final step will be to wait for your passport with the appropriate mark or to get an explanation why your application for a work visa was rejected.

Mandatory requirements for travel to Hungary

  • No criminal record or other violations of the law.
  • Diploma or license confirming professional skills.
  • The presence of residential real estate.
  • The ability to provide for yourself.

Documents for citizens of Ukraine

  1. Passport of Ukraine / Biometric passport of Ukraine.
  2. Two photographs 3.5 x 4.5 on a light background. The applicant’s face occupies 80% of the photo.
  3. Certificate from the bank, as well as work or student.
  4. Banking statement for six months.
  5. Certificate of marital status.
  6. Real estate data.
  7. Tax payment document.
  8. A letter from a sponsor.
  9. Notarized translations of documents.

Other options

There are several surefire ways to stay in Hungary without the risk of losing your job at the last moment:

  • To enter into an official marriage with a resident of Hungary. Having proved its authenticity, you can count on a stable job and obtaining a residence permit. Three years later, it will be possible to obtain Hungarian citizenship.
  • Having Hungarian roots, you can participate in the repatriation program.
  • Obtain citizenship as an additional one to another European one. To do this, you need to work in the country for three years.