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Bohemian crystal

Bohemian crystal aleks-crystal.com is a national treasure of the Czech Republic. It is flawlessly transparent and of unsurpassed quality. The tradition of glassmaking in the Czech Republic has never been interrupted, which gave it the right to set the tone for the art of glass processing around the world. As in antiquity, today Czech glass is processed with diamond tools, a play of light is created with the addition of copper, manganese, iron, and is decorated with silver, gold, and precious stones.

Natural crystal is a rare mineral that the ancient Greeks and Romans were masterly able to handle. The Czechs managed to create artificial crystal by adding barium and lead to the glass. The jeweler of Emperor Rudolph II, the Czech Kaspar Lehman, applied the ancient Roman technique of crystal carving — and glorified Czech glass all over the world. Lehman’s uniquely delicate engraving made the glass look like a diamond, and fascinated connoisseurs of beauty for many centuries. The beauty of Czech glassware, their wide range of colors and quality surpassed the popular Venetian glass, and then English.

Czech glass has always been famous for its special transparency: the fact is that the sands in Bohemia contain a minimum amount of iron oxides. However, it would be wrong to explain the success of Czech glass making only by a large amount of good raw materials. Many glassmaker dynasties lived on the territory of the Czech Republic. The secret of glass making was passed down from father to son. It was the Czech dynasties that developed the glassmaking technology and spread it throughout Europe.

Today in the Czech Republic, the old traditions of the production of crystal and smooth glass, which can be engraved, polished or painted, are alive. Many operations are still performed manually. Czech glass is becoming the highlight of lighting fixtures from the world’s best manufacturers.

Real crystal “sings” wonderfully. Rub the crystal suspension with a wet finger or lightly tap on it with a hard object — and it will give you a melodic long ringing. The glass will emit only a dry clink.
Hold the crystal element in your hand: real crystal stays cool for a very long time, while glass heats up quickly.
Never buy crystal products from markets or stores with a dubious reputation. It is better to deal with brand showrooms and shops where qualified sellers guarantee you the quality of the goods.
Bohemian crystal is not just an exquisite interior decoration and a sign of good taste. Buying a chandelier is an investment in a beautiful item that has centuries of tradition.